Dear friends, clients and guests, we are insurance agents and risk consultants headquartered in the center of Athens offering bespoke, effective, and sustainable solutions for all your insurance needs.

The greatest asset of Allrisk is its people. Staffed by a close-knit team of young professionals, we believe that an inspiring working environment where all employees are treated as partners is the key for ensuring both the well-being of our company and employees and the satisfaction of our clients.

Our strong expertise in the Greek insurance market, complemented by our continuous pursuit of the latest global trends and developments, helps us offer you the most up-to-date insurance solutions for our clients’ needs.




Formed in 1997, by brothers John and Philippos Tsaoussis, whose family’s involvement with insurance goes back three generations to 1945, Allrisk has recently merged its marine and general divisions, in line with our customer-centric philosophy in which every client is approached on a tailor-made basis, irrespective of industry.

Our decades-long experience, combined with our professionalism and sincere commitment to client satisfaction, have established Allrisk as one of the leading insurance agents in the Greek insurance market.

Οur mission is simple: To provide personalized insurance solutions for our clients so as to keep them focused on their future business growth. The insurance market may be a meandering landscape of competing insurers, overlapping cover options, shifting regulations and complex technical parameters.

We are committed in making sure that all our clients’ insurance needs are satisfactorily met while receiving the best value, and providing you with a ‘one stop’ shop which is tailor-made for your business activities.

This commitment rests on two pillars: personalized service and innovative thinking. Our core belief is that ‘It’s all about the people’, so our top priority is building and maintaining a trust-based relationship with you. The commitment to personalized service means that each client is treated as a separate business case, and guarantees that we always find the most appropriate solutions, stay in touch with their evolving needs and promptly and efficiently service their claims.

At the same time, we are always seeking innovative solutions that add value in a fast-paced business environment and ever-changing customer needs. Innovative thinking enables us to provide ‘one stop’ insurance programs that are tailor-made to our clients’ most demanding requirements.

Promptness, courtesy, and fairness are ingrained in our code of business ethics underpinning all our client interactions, from an individual insuring his vehicle to a corporate client with all lines of business under management. Our relaxed and friendly work environment further ameliorates our customer service and nurtures an entrepreneurial culture within the company, which serves as the foundation for Allrisk’s continuous plans for future developments.



We are an all-service insurance agency firm serving both corporate groups and private clients.
Our services are tailored to your specific needs irrespective of industry, line of business and size. From Property & Casualty and Life & Health, to professional indemnity, cyber risk and technical insurance, Allrisk covers all insurance areas so no matter your requirement, we have your back.
The insurance coverage we offer is complemented by our risk consulting services which rely on in-depth knowledge of our clients’ ways of work. Our holistic approach means that we are always on the lookout to proactively mitigate potential risk factors while we decrease your premiums, reduce volatility and improve performance.
More than just a agent, our commitment to personal service makes Allrisk your trusted business partner. From the comprehensive review and assessment of your coverage needs and the selection of the most competitive and complete set of covers, to loss prevention, contract renewal, and claim handling and resolution, we continually work closely with our clients to give them the peace of mind they need to focus on successfully running and developing their business.









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